Intramural and 俱乐部体育

正规网赌软件排行榜’s robust intramural and 俱乐部体育 programs offer a broad array of options to have fun, 交朋友, 保持健康.

玩得开心. 生活健康. 

The Department of Campus Recreation and the Plourde Recreation Center are committed to a student-centered approach for recreation programs and facilities. The recreation programs are designed to enrich your university experience and through a number of opportunities, you'll enjoy a sense of community, develop your leadership skills and pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

We offer a variety of exciting and fun intramural sports, 俱乐部体育, 健身运动, and special programs. 的Plourde Recreation - or "的Plourde" as students call it --  Center is fully equipped with cardio equipment, 自由重量器械, selectorized machines and stretching and meditation areas. The facility also includes a pool, 壁球球场, 有氧运动的工作室, saunas and multipurpose courts for a variety of open recreation opportunities. There are numerous opportunities for employment and leadership positions in Campus Recreation such as facility supervisor, 建立员工, intramural official, 救生员, water safety instructor or fitness class instructor.

Leading an active lifestyle is an important part of the 正规网赌软件排行榜 experience for many students. Whether you’re eager to engage in competitive sports, hone your athletic talents, 学习新技能, or simply have fun with friends, you have plenty of ways to live an active lifestyle at 正规网赌软件排行榜. You can choose from more than 30 intramural and club options—from outdoor/indoor soccer and lawn games to equestrian competitions and martial arts classes.

Why participate in intramural and 俱乐部体育 at 正规网赌软件排行榜?

  • You are welcome—regardless of experience. There are no prerequisites to participating in an intramural or club sport. You are encouraged to join a team or take a class no matter your experience or skill level.
  • You will have fun and 交朋友. Whether you help run a club team or join a competitive intramural league, you’ll find that participating in an athletic activity is an excellent way to have a great time and meet new people.
  • You'll bring balance to your academics. Living a physically active lifestyle can help you stay fit and de-stress from your intellectual pursuits. Students who engage in athletics often report improved sleep, 改善心情, and increased ability to concentrate on their studies.


正规网赌软件排行榜 students can choose from a range of different 俱乐部体育 that may be recreational, 教学, 和/或竞争. 发达, 治理, and managed by students in collaboration with Campus Recreation staff, 俱乐部体育 promote growth in leadership, 责任, 决策, 公共关系, 组织, and fiscal management in addition to sports-related skills.



正规网赌软件排行榜 offers more than 25 intramural teams and individual events throughout the year, ranging from Battleship tournaments and basketball games to soccer and softball leagues. Intramural sports are offered and run by the Campus Recreation office.