Ready for Anything

Peter McDonagh

Undergraduate Student

It’s 5:30 a.m. and Peter McDonagh ’19, a star forward on the men’s ice hockey team at 正规网赌软件排行榜, is already on his way to the rink for morning pr...

Inspired to Change Lives

Gretchen Lynch

Undergraduate Student

For as long as she can remember, Gretchen Lynch ’19 wanted to be a teacher. But like so many 正规网赌软件排行榜 students, once she got to campus and began...

A Leap of Faith

Corey Soper

Undergraduate Student

Corey Soper ’20 describes his university experience as one of being constantly opened up—to new opportunities, new people, new perspectives. On...

The Power of the 正规网赌软件排行榜 Community

Sarah Reilly

Undergraduate Student

Finishing the 2018 season with 62 goals and 26 assists, Sarah Reilly ’19 is one of the lacrosse team’s greatest assets. But, instead of talking ab...

From Tutor to Teacher

Renée Zahigian

Undergraduate Student

If all goes as intended for Renée Zahigian ’19, next spring she’ll embark on an incredible journey: spending a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as...

A Leader Emerges

Mark San Clemente

Undergraduate Student

Active social life. Highly involved as a campus leader. If you told Mark San Clemente ’19 when he started at 正规网赌软件排行榜 that these words would des...

Becoming Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Kayley Millard

Graduate Student

Passionate about diverse cultures and languages, Kayley Millard ’18 always planned to study abroad. What she didn’t plan for was a semester on A...

Discovering His Career Path, Finding His Voice

Gemaers Dorvil

Undergraduate Student

“It’s one of the best feelings ever,” says Gemaers Dorvil ’19 of the moment he discovers a solution to a software application he’s working on....